CVI Controls

Flow Characteristics Laboratory measured Cv values are up to 20% higher than conventional globe valves. The stainless steel body design provides maximum flow opening within a smooth (eggshell) finished casting of extremely low relative roughness. Linear and equal percentage plugs are available for flow control.
Cool Down Guided by code safety factors, all components operating at process temperatures are designed with minimum wall thickness for lowest mass.
Heat Leak The bonnet extension is constructed of long, thin-wall, precision-machined tubes to limit conductive heat transfer. Laminar Radiation Shielding is applied around the body area. CVI valves are specifically designed for critical LH2 and LHe service where low heat leak is of the utmost importance.
Bubble-Tight Shutoff The self-aligning tapered plug contains a replaceable KEL-F® seal for positive shutoff. All valves are assembled and tested for "bubble-tight" shutoff at maximum operating pressure prior to shipment.
Installed Orientation Because of the unique static vapor-seal in the extended bonnet, the valve can be installed and operated in any orientation — even upside down!
Simple In-Line Maintenance Top entry permits all moving parts to be removed without disturbing the vacuum space.
Ease of Operation and Reliability All moving and contacting parts have closely-held tolerances for free operation. The sliding barrel is hard-flash chromed to prevent galling. The bonnet O-ring seals and the KEL-F® seal are inexpensive and the only designed replaceable items. Valve operation is remarkably smooth under all conditions.
Pipe-Size Cryogenic Valves
Model Number Description
V-1060 Close Tolerance Manual Valve
V-1070 Close Tolerance Actuated on/off Valve
V-1080 Close Tolerance Flow Control
V-1090 Close Tolerance Manual Flow Control Valve
Tube-Size Cryogenic Values
Model Number Description
V-1100 Manual
V-1185 Manual (Unjacketed Only)
V-1300 Remote (Air operated, specify mode of operation)
Vacuum Seal-Off Valves
Model Number Description
V-1044 1/2"
V-1046 1"
V-1048 2"
Operator Seal-off Valves
Model Number Description
V-1045 1/2"
V-1047 1"
V-1049 2"
Pump-Out Flange
Model Number Description
V-1053 with tube
GN Vent Valve
Description Part Number
Unjacketed 79-2542-00415


The CVI helium valve was developed to service the specialized helium market where high quality, performance and low heat leak are absolute requirements. The design follows that of the V-1060, V-1070 and V-1080 valves and is fabricated from 300 Series Austenitic stainless steel with more emphasis placed on reduced heat leak. In order to accommodate this, precision manufactured thin-wall tubing is utilized for the longer body extension tube, and care has been taken on the internal components to break up any continuous heat path. The same close tolerance vapor seal is utilized in the helium valve. As in the V-1060 series, the helium pipe size valves consist of the basic V-2060 manual valve and remote operators. The V-2060 series helium valves are in the 300 PSIG W.O.G. (non- shock) class.

Because the valve body contours follow that of the V-1060 series and the castings have the same smooth (eggshell) finish, the V-2060 series helium valves have the same higher Cv values achieved in the V-1060 series cryogenic valves.
Low Heat Leak Lower heat-leak values have been achieved in the helium valve by extending the heat path from the bonnet to the valve body utilizing thin wall, precision manufactured tube to limit the conductive heat transfer. Likewise, the inner portion of the valve has been broken into segments, which eliminate single-path conduction. The vacuum sides of all cold surfaces are electro-polished for high reflectivity in addition to laminar radiation shielding applied around the body area, both of which reduce the radiant heat transfer. For specialized applications these valves can also be heat stationed with LN2/GHe which can reduce heat leak by as much as 50%.
Bubble-Tight Shutoff The helium-series globe valves have a self-aligning tapered plug in the V-2060/V-2070 series. The V-2080 series is aligned by precision fabrication which assures perfect seating in these valves. All helium valves contain a replaceable Kel-F® seal for positive shutoff. Each valve is assembled and pressure tested for bubble-tight shutoff prior to shipment.
Simple In-Line Maintenance Top entry permits all moving parts to be removed without disturbing the vacuum space.
Fabrication and Testing All moving and contacting parts have closely held tolerances for free operation. The barrel is hard flash chromed to prevent galling. The bonnet O-Ring seals, Kel-F® seal and stem extension teflon guide are the only designed replaceable items. Prior to shipment all valves are proof pressure tested, tested for positive bubble tight shutoff, commercially cleaned (oxygen cleaning available) and sealed. Shipping containers are carefully prepared, packed and sealed to assure damage-free shipment.
Performance Data By definition, Cv for a valve equal to the number of gallons per minute of water (specific gravity of 1.0) which will pass through the valve seat with a pressure drop of one psi.
Helium Values
Model Number Description
V-2060 Manual Operation Helium Valve
V-2070 Remote (full open/full close)
V-2080 Remote (positioner) Flow Control
V-2090 Manual Flow Control


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