Dual Final Line Pressure Manifold

Acme's Dual Final Line Industrial Pressure Manifolds are available for liquid x liquid or liquid x gas supply systems. They are available in one-half inch and one inch configurations.


Flow Capacity 0-16,000 PSIG
Inlet Pressure 0-400 PSIG (Oxygen: 0-250 PSIG)
Outlet Pressure See Below
Materials of Construction  
Regualtor Aluminum/Brass
Components Brass, Bronze
Tube/Pipe 1" Copper/Red Brass
Stand Aluminum
Inlet Type K Copper Tube
Outlet Type K Copper Tube
Skid Dimensions 29"H x 40"W x 36"D

Ordering Information

Description Outlet Pressure (PSIG) Part Number L/R Part Number R/L
1" Dual Final Line Manifold with Bypass 5-55 C03421-LP-L/R C03421-LP-R/L
  40-110 C03421-MP-L/R C03421-MP-R/L
  100-200 C03421-HP-L/R C03421-HP-R/L
1" Dual Final Line Manifold without Bypass 5-55 C03419-LP-L/R C03419-LP-R/L
  40-110 C03419-MP-L/R C03419-MP-R/L
  100-200 C03419-HP-L/R C03419-HP-R/L


For more information or to order please contact Bob Bennett at bbennett@acmecryo.com or 800.422.2790 x603.