Helium Container Repair


  • Incoming Vacuum Reading
  • Vacuum Reading on main tank
  • Vacuum Reading on VJ lines
  • Recondition Vacuum on VJ Lines
  • Rebuild pump outs with new soft parts
  • Rebuild evacuation valves - new soft parts
  • Replace o-ring on lift plate
  • Prelim mass spec - main vessel and VJ lines (repair as needed)
  • Re-establish vacuum as needed, main vessel and VJ
  • Mass spec all vacuum repairs
  • Warm vacuum retention test
  • Vacuum logs for main tank and VJ lines



  • Remove all panels and doors
  • Remove gauge panels
  • Diverter valve - Safeties - Burst Discs removed
  • Install new drip pans, as required
  • T1 Beams, ISO Blocks, Angles inspected and replaced as needed
  • 4” x 4” structural beams replaced as needed
  • Remove/replace gauge mounts
  • VJ and Nitrogen piping sand blasted
  • Rebuild Diverter valve with new soft parts
  • Clean Purge panels, inspect valves and replace as needed
  • Rebuild all process piping valves with new soft parts
  • Remove nitrogen float can, clean and mass spec, repair as needed, install new safeties
  • Install new valve ID tags
  • New document holders
  • Remove all tubing
  • Re-certify safeties
  • Tubing to front gauge removed and all clamps cleaned or replaced
  • Fabricate new aluminum panels and doors, provide and install all new hardware
  • Rebuild all pressure regulators
  • Replace pressure gauges as needed, rebuild liquid level gauges and install new tubing, inspect gauge valves and replace as needed
  • Move horizontal lift plates to vertical
  • Re-install nitrogen piping, new burst disk and re-certified safeties
  • Install new panels and doors after paint
  • Install Decals (customer supplied)
  • ISO Dimension Check per ISO Standard 668
  • Install Telemetry if required



  • LHe ISO Container Rehab
  • LHe ISO Container Repair (Quick & Extended)
  • LHe ISO Container Re-test
  • Accurate Tare Weights (in-house)
  • LN2 Top-Off
  • Port Prep Checklist
  • Helium Gas Pressurization for Cold Container
  • Safety Re-certification
  • CSC/ABS/Third Party Inspection



  • Service all container makes and models
  • 30+ years repairing, rehabbing and re-testing LHe ISO containers
  • High quality workmanship
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Conveniently located off of I-78 in Allentown, PA (90 minutes from the Port of Newark, NJ)


For more information call 1-800-422-2790 or email Dave Edge at dedge@acmecryo.com.