Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

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The biggest problem in transferring cryogenic liquids is loss of product due to heat transfer. Acme Cryogenics' Vacuum Jacketed Piping is specifically designed to transfer cryogens with the minimum amount of heat leak. The combination of our factory sealed vacuum jacket, internal support system and Multi-Layer Insulation prevents heat loss due to convection, conduction, and radiation. Quality Cryogenics VJP will optimize your equipment performance and reduce your cryogenic liquid costs.

Every application is unique and has its own specific set of performance requirements. You want the most reliable, efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution possible and an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach simply will not do.

Quality Cryogenics' VJP design experts will custom-design a total Vacuum Jacketed Piping solution for the unique requirements of your application. We install and test those systems for complete reliability. And we do it all within your budget.

Vacuum Insulated Pipe is commonly used in the following applications:

- Food Freezing

- Cryo-Bio Storage Freezers

- Electronic Test Chamber (HALT/HASS)

- Thermal Vacuum Chambers (Space Simulation Testing)

- Rubber Flashing

- Liquid Nitrogen Injector (Beverage)

- Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Industry

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