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E-Laser Systems

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Product category: E-Laser Systems

E-Laser Systems

These units are designed to supply high pressure gas for laser cutting and aerosol can propellant charging and other applications requiring high pressure gas continuously.

Argon / Oxygen / Nitrogen:2000 to 20,000 scfh
CO2:250 lbs per hr to 2500 lbs per hour
Operating Pressure: up to 1,000 psig
Power Required:up to 100 kilowatts
Duty Cycle:Continuous up to 8 hours longer duty cycle available


  • High operating pressures with out a pump
  • Low maintenance
  • All electrical heaters for pressure build – eliminates lag on cold days
  • Ambient vaporizer for Ar, O2, N2 applications and electric vaporizers supplied as part of the unit
  • Complete system is provided – skidded system that is basically a drop in place and play unit
    • Cryogenic high pressure vessel
    • All valves, tubing and sensors
    • PLC Control with HMI Panel allow the operator to change set points for optimum operation
    • Electric pressure build vaporizer for both cryogenic and CO2 applications
    • Ambient or electric vaporizer for process flow
  • Optional low temp cut off system
  • Small amount of gas storage required if the system needs to supply continuous gas flow because recharge time is very short.
  • All interconnecting piping supplied

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