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Acme Cryogenics is a one-stop-shop for mission-critical cryogenic solutions, including industry leading safety, quality, reliability, and response times. Acme Cryogenics provides system level solutions capable of addressing complex and highly technical issues across a variety of applications.


Established in 1969 and headquartered in Allentown, PA, Acme Cryogenics is a well-established and growing provider of highly-engineered, mission-critical components and services that facilitate the production, storage, and distribution of cryogenic gases used in a variety of applications. With approximately 205 employees, Acme supplies engineered components such as valves, vacuum jacketed piping, fittings, liquefied natural gas fueling components, and other specialty flow control devices to blue chip customers from a variety of end-markets.

In 2021, Acme was acquired by Dover, and its products are highly complementary to Dover’s existing clean energy solutions. This acquisition will enhance Dover’s offerings for the hydrogen (“H2”), liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) markets, as well as Dover’s participation in the attractive cryogenic industrial gases end market.


Acme Cryogenics has completed two add-on mergers in recent years to expand its geographic footprint within the US: Midwest Cryogenics, Cexi Cryogenic Experts and Northeast Services.


Established in 1969, Acme Cryogenics was started as a general machine shop providing machining services manufacturing cryogenic liquid transfer fittings.

Today, they continue striving to be the leading gas and fluid control expert while maintaining the highest regard for safety and environmental responsibility.


There are currently manufacturing operations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Oxnard, CA and Lonsdale, MN, and seven Field Service locations: Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Lonsdale, MN; and South Plainfield, NJ.


Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Medical Gas Pipe, and Industrial Gas Industries turn to Acme Cryogenics for engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and repair services.  With manufacturing operations across America, Acme Cryogenics provides its extensive suite of products and services for customers spanning the entire industrial gas supply and distribution chain.

But Acme Cryogenics is so much more than a full-service fabrication company. Acme’s success is rooted in its extremely solid customer base and long-term relationships with the community.

Now, 50+ years into making a positive contribution toward the advancement of the Industrial Gas industry – and improving the cryogenic and gas equipment marketplace – Acme Cryogenics remains well-positioned to grow in each new market initiative.

Specializing in the Hydrogen Economy, Bio-Cryo, Space Launch Services, Satellite Constellation Expansion, Niche Food Beverage, Specialty Manufacturing, and Electronics, Acme Cryogenics has you covered, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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