History & innovation

For over 50 years, Acme Cryogenics has been a leading provider of precision-engineered cryogenic solutions for dynamic, high-growth end-markets.


There are currently four manufacturing operations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Lonsdale, MN; and Oxnard, CA and seven Field Service locations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Lonsdale, MN; South Plainfield, NJ; and Port St. Lucie, FL. Since its inception in 1969, Acme has worked to make a positive contribution toward the advancement of the industrial gas industry and to improve the cryogenic and gas equipment marketplace throughout Acme Cryogenics history.


Acquired Cryogenic Experts (CEXI) located in Oxnard, CA expanding Acme’s footprint and adding vaporizers to their product line.


Acquired Northeast Services which has two location in New Jersey and Florida. Controlling interest in Acme was sold to Graham Partners. Previously, Acme was acquired by Gladstone Investment Corp., The Senior Management Team of Acme, and Brant Point Partners in 2006.


Acquired Midwest Cryogenics located in Lonsdale, Minnesota. Completed a 7500 Sq. Ft. addition onto its Allentown location that now houses their helium container and hydrogen tank repair.


Acquired the CVI Valve line.


Acquired a competitor, Quality Cryogenics Inc. and consolidated Vacuum Insulated Pipe manufacturing in Jasper, Georgia.


Introduced the Acme Model CV Cryogenic Globe Valve.


Entered the warm side of the industrial gas industry with the design and manufacturing capabilities for hundreds of gas distribution and control systems, expert cryogenic systems and medical gas systems.


Relocated to a much larger facility and continued to add capabilities and products including Vacuum Insulated Piping, CGA Fittings, Cryogenic Storage and Tank Rehab, Column and Cold Box Fabrication, and Field Service Engineers.


Founded as Acme Screw Machine Products in 1969 as a general machine shop providing machining services to industries in Northeastern USA, and started serving the industrial gas industry by manufacturing cryogenic liquid transfer fittings.

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