Billie Jean King Tennis Center Pop-up Hospital Medical Oxygen Installation

The Acme Field Service Northeast Team & Northeast services New Jersey Team will be working through last weekend installing a significant portable medical oxygen supply system for Air Products at the BJK Tennis Center.  This particular oxygen system was originally planned for a Brooklyn Cruise Ship Pier pop-up hospital, but was relocated and is now on-site at Billie Jean King Tennis Courts.

The installation had some difficulties because there was not enough room to get the big crane in where the tanks are placed so the tank layout 900 gallons was switched to Bay Crane’s trailer in the parking lot. The vaporizers are laying down on steel I beams because the trees are too low. And the 1000 square feet of steel plate under the tanks, vaporizers and for spill pad as the whole installation is on blacktop (plates and I beams courtesy of Bay Crane). Other than that, a typical Acme hospital installation.


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