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Cryogenic Experts (CEXI), a division of ACME Cryogenics builds a full line of Ambient vaporizers for both process and disposal applications. CEXI is also known for several styles of electrically heated systems, water bath, steam, forced convection, and gas-fired designs. Cryogenic Experts can design and specify vaporizers and gas heaters from 1kW gas heaters to large custom-designed systems.

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Products and Installations

Vaporizers are an important part of the cryogenic liquid system. As vapor or gas is required, vaporizers can add the energy necessary to change the state or phase of the cryogenic liquid. This can either be from the air with ambient vaporizers, water with forced convection vaporizers, steam with Steam Vaporizers or Steam Heated Water bath, Natural Gas with the Direct Fired Water Bath vaporizers, or electricity with Direct to Process or Electric Heated Water Bath vaporizers. Acme Cryogenics, through the Cryogenic Experts division, can build a vaporizer to meet your needs.
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Cryogenic Experts (CEXI), A division of Acme Cryogenics, builds a full line of Ambient vaporizers for both process and disposal applications, along with several styles of electrically heated systems, water bath, steam, and gas-fired designs.
These Vaporizers have a proprietary extended surface design that we use for process applications. Built up to 200,000 scfh in a single unit. With a full line of accessories including cycling systems and trim heaters for ambient applications.
With several styles of electrically heated systems. This includes pressure build vaporizers for maintaining tank pressure as liquid is withdrawn, process vaporizers, and trim heaters. Units can be built with aluminum as the heat transfer agent, water as the heat transfer agent, and directly heated designs.
CEXI builds systems that are able to utilize the waste heat found in many industrial applications. By doing this we are often able to save the customer substantial money in energy costs. We are able to utilize water all the way down to 35°F for the heat source.
Shell & Tube are Steam Heated shell, simple to install, weatherproof and have no electrical controls. They can accommodate low pressure drop and are ASME & TEMA compliant.
Acme Cyogenics/ CEXI provide two types of Specialty Vaporizers, the J Disposal Vaporizer and the Phase Separator.

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