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Field Service | Medical Gas Piping Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Field Service

Acme Cryogenics’ team of field service techs can expertly inspect, repair and maintain your cryogenic systems, medical gas systems, gas piping systems, (LNG) liquid natural gas fueling systems, industrial piping systems and more, assist your staff in peak times, or provide a cost-effective way to install and/or maintain your equipment. Acme has a full complement of highly trained Field Service Technicians. Our staff is certified in accordance with B31.3 process piping codes and follow NFPA, CGA, and OHSA standards and regulations. Each field technician holds welder, brazer, and medical certifications. The Acme team can also assist in services such as site survey, equipment sizing, capital expenditure calculation, logistics services, and equipment supply.

Acme provides full crane and rigging services performing hundreds of cryogenic tank installations and removals every year for major gas suppliers, distributors, and end-users. We are intimately familiar with tanks and related equipment on customer pads. We have experienced, trained and qualified engineers, signal persons, and riggers on staff to provide lift plans and drawings and complete all your crane work safely and efficiently.

Field Service Management Services for:

Cryogenic Systems

Acme’s field service technicians provide services for cryogenic systems and cryogenic tanks, performing complete installs and removals, helium leak detection, Perlite top-off, vacuum repairs, system/safety upgrades and piping repairs.

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Acme can provide field service technicians to install piping systems, including bulk supply liquid or high pressure medical gas piping systems. Health care system installations feature complete systems installations and certifications, system upgrades, annual inspections and PM, and system and component repair.

Cryogenic Storage Equipment

For cryogenic storage equipment and other cryogenic systems, Acme offers on-site cryogenic tank and trailer repair services, specializing in minor repairs, installs and removals, system and safety upgrades and vacuum investigation of cryogenic equipment.

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

Our Air Separation Plant services include inspection and repair of vacuum insulated piping systems and storage tanks to improve safety and plant efficiency.

Cryogenic and Industrial Gas Piping Systems

Industrial piping systems can be maintained and serviced by Acme, with field service technicians who specialize in performing both major and minor piping repairs, helium leak detection, vacuum repairs, and system/safety upgrades. We also provide installation, repair, and maintenance at cylinder fill plants and air separation units.

Alternative Fuels

Acme provides equipment and services for LNG and hydrogen as alternative fuels in both transportation and distribution including mobile high-pressure supply equipment, manifold systems for hydrogen fuel cell technology, and complete fueling stations.

Cryobiology Storage / Cryo Preservation

Acme Cryogenics provides equipment, installation services and maintenance to the Cryobio market segment. We offer specially designed Vacuum Insulated Pipe, Automatic fill systems, and Freezer Installation.


Acme Cryogenics has been furnishing and installing VJ Pipe in sizes up to 12”x16” and pressures up to 5,000psig for over 30 years to the Aerospace Industry. Services of VJ piping systems has covered Liquid Hydrogen, Liquid Helium, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, and Liquid Methane for Space launch organizations.

Service Area

Acme can respond to Field Service needs around the globe. Acme hub locations include Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, Il; Houston, TX; Minneapolis, MN; South Plainfield, NJ; and Port St. Lucie, FL.

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