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Vaporizers | Custom Air & Electrically Heated Vaporizer Systems



CEXI has the capability to design and build pump and vaporizer systems that are custom designed to meet the needs of the customer. We build all of our systems in-house so we are able to control the costs and make sure that the design meets the customer requirements. We have full capability with PLC’s and data logging equipment. We are familiar with the NFPA and FDA requirements for the systems. We are also familiar with hazardous location requirements and build equipment that meets the requirements for installation in hazardous locations.

Each system integration is custom for the application in which it is used. All systems integrations include full systems with heat exchangers for heating and cooling fluids including the exchangers, all piping, the pumps, and full controls.


  • Heat transfer systems utilizing special heat transfer fluids
    • R404A
    • NH3
    • Dowtherm fluids
    • Lexsol fluids
    • Silicone based fluids
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • D’limonene
    • Acetone
    • Freons
    • Lethal substances
  • High purity CO2 condensing systems
  • Sub-coolers for oxygen, helium, argon
  • Fully integrated pumping systems for high pressure nitrogen, oxygen, argon, natural gas, liquid air, helium and hydrogen systems


CEXI builds a full line of vaporizers for both process and disposal applications. We have a proprietary extended surface design that we use for process applications. We build units up to 200,000 scfh in a single unit. We provide a full line of accessories including cycling systems and trim heaters for ambient applications. We also have an active system for defrosting the vaporizers and can provide continuous duty ambient systems for large flows that take up relatively small floor space. We utilize both natural convection and forced convection heat transfer for the vaporizers. In the disposal vaporizers, we provide continuous duty units that have protection against ice ejection and fan damage. We can provide large flows in single units – up to 1,000,000 cubic feet per hour.


  • Standard Ambients
  • Extra Gap Ambients
  • Monel Lined for oxygen service
  • High pressure – to 15,000 psig
  • Forced draft units – innovative design using induced draft system
  • Hydraulic drive forced draft units
  • Electropolished tube lined units for high purity applications


CEXI builds several styles of electrically heated systems. This includes pressure build vaporizers for maintaining tank pressure as liquid is withdrawn, process vaporizers, and trim heaters. We build several different types of units. We build units that have aluminum as the heat transfer agent, water as the heat transfer agent, and directly heated designs.


  • CO2 and all gases
  • Electrically heated water bath
  • Pressure build units
  • High pressure units to 10,000 psig
  • Cast assemblies with easily replaced heaters


CEXI builds systems that are able to utilize the waste heat found in many industrial applications. By doing this we are often able to save the customer substantial money in energy costs. We are able to utilize water all the way down to 35°F for the heat source. We can also use high-temperature high-pressure water for the heat source. We generally use a shell and tube style design for these applications, however, tank style designs are available.


  • CO2 and all gases
  • Applications with 35o water
  • Hot water applications
  • Special temperature control applications – water flow control and temperature control systems
  • Systems with dual pump and full automatic controls


CEXI builds two lines of vaporizers using this medium. We build the conventional shell and tube style unit that has a very high capacity in a small unit. We also build water bath units that are more reliable and allow for the thermal expansion that is a problem in the shell and tube style units. We also build a line of steam-heated trim heaters for gas heating applications.


  • Shell and tube units – All gases
  • Steam heated water bath units – All gases
  • Full pressure range up to 15,000 psig
  • Special control systems for high performance – tight control applications


CEXI builds gas fired systems in two basic styles. One type of system utilizes a packaged boiler or boilers from reputable manufacturers to provide heat to a water recirculation loop that then heats a vaporizer. Another style of unit heats the water via a boiler built directly into the vaporizer shell.


  • System flow rates up to 2,000,000 scfh
  • Systems capable of providing back up for up to 1 hour with no power input
  • Direct fired system with no pumps required – boiler and vaporizer combined in one unit.
  • Systems with separate boilers – commercially available units
  • Special tube bundles that are stress-free and do not require high-velocity water circulation.