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Industries Served

Acme Cryogenics provides engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and repair services for the Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Cryobiology, Medical Gas Pipe, Aerospace, and Industrial Gas industries. We welcome the opportunity to deliver for you.

Food and Beverage Industry

The use of cryogenic CO2 and Nitrogen in food packaging has become well established over the last decades. Food manufacturers use these gases to increase shelf life and preserve flavor in foods stored at low temperatures.

The institution of cryogenic gases in food preservation has required food manufacturers to invest in gas supplies such as blenders, tanks, and jacketed pipe.

Acme Cryogenics has been supplying low cost, high-quality food processing equipment for years and understands the specialized needs required when handling foods. We take extra precautions to ensure that our equipment is as pure and clean as required by the FDA.

For more information on our food packaging equipment, gas blenders, or food processing, call 800-422-2790 or complete the contact form here.

Cryobiology Storage / Cryo Preservation

Cryobiology or Cryopreservation is the low-temperature storage of biological specimens or samples for later use in medical or research applications. Dewars and Control-rate freezers are filled with Liquid Nitrogen to cool the specimens to reach and maintain the optimum temperature for preservation. Some specimens like blood cells can be preserved almost indefinitely at Liquid Nitrogen temperatures. Acme Cryogenics provides equipment, installation services, and maintenance to the Cryobio market segment. We offer specially designed Vacuum Insulated Pipe, Automatic fill systems, and Freezer Installation.

For more information call on our alternative fuel products, please contact Acme at 800-422-279 or complete the contact form here.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies employ a number of different gases and systems in the creation of their life-saving drugs. Most cryogenic gases used in labs are for powering tools, storing drug components, and preserving testing samples, while other gases are used to create a sterile environment and manipulate drug components.

The FDA monitors all piping systems carrying gas that will directly interact with drug materials ingested by patients. For piping that does not carry gas that will directly interact with drug materials, sanitary grade cleaning is required. This ensures that no extraneous particulate matter or impurities are introduced to the lab environment.

Acme Cryogenics provides pharmaceutical companies with sanitary grade cryogenic supplies that fulfill requirements for cryogenic equipment in modern labs. For more information on Acme’s sanitary grade products for pharmaceutical use, please contact us at 800-422-2790 or complete the contact form here.

Semi-Conductor and Electronics Industry

Creating and operating semi-conductors requires the utmost precision. The gases used must be free of all possible impurities. To ensure clean piping and pure gases, all semi-conductor valves, piping and manifolds must be created in a UHP environment. Acme Cryogenics has a fully functioning UHP welding environment and the capability to create 100% clean and pure products for your semi-conductor.

For more information on semi-conductor grade products and UHP construction, call 800-422-2790 or complete the contact form here.

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Acme can provide field service technicians to install piping systems, including bulk supply liquid or high-pressure medical gas piping systems. Health care system installations feature complete system installations and certifications, system upgrades, annual inspections and PM, and system and component repair. For more information on our industrial piping systems and cryogenic freezing equipment, call 800-422-2790 or complete the contact form here.

Industrial Gas Piping Systems

Industrial piping systems can be maintained and serviced by Acme, with field service technicians who specialize in performing both major and minor piping repairs, helium leak detection, vacuum repairs, and system/safety upgrades. We also provide installation, repair, and maintenance at cylinder fill plants and air separation units. For more information on our industrial piping systems and cryogenic freezing equipment, call 800-422-2790 or fill out our contact form.


Acme cryogenics has been furnishing VJ Pipe in sizes up to 12”x16” and pressures up to 5,000psig for over 30 years to the Aerospace Industry. Services of VJ piping systems has covered Liquid Hydrogen, Liquid Helium, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, and Liquid Methane for Space launch organizations like NASA, Space X, and Blue Origin. In addition, Acme furnishes vacuum jacketed piping and components to numerous aerospace contractors such as Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Harris Corp, and others.

For more information on our Aerospace piping systems and cryogenic components, call 800-422-2790 or complete the contact form here.

Alternative Fuels

The use of liquefied natural gas or LNG as an alternate fuel to diesel and other petroleum refined fuel products is growing in North America. Increased production of natural gas-fueled engines and the increased modification to existing diesel-fueled engines are enabling the supply of LNG as an alternative transportation fuel to petroleum-based fuels in heavy trucking, marine, locomotive, mining, oilfield services, and many industrial applications.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth and is providing a clean way to produce power since the only emission is water. Hydrogen fuel cells are now being used to power cars, trucks, forklifts and as back up to power systems. The number of LH2 fueling stations in the US is growing each year.

Acme provides equipment and services for both of these alternative fuels in both transportation and distribution including mobile high-pressure supply equipment, manifold systems for hydrogen fuel cell technology, and complete fueling stations.

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