Alternative Fuels & Energy

Cryogenic solutions easily and safely facilitate the non-pressurized storage and transportation of LNG and CNG, vital energy sources utilized extensively in both industrial and residential applications.


Acme Cryogenics is a technical leader with over 25 years of experience engineering and fabricating VJP systems which serve as critical technologies for LNG facilities. As uses of liquefied natural gas and Hydrogen increase and change, Acme Cryogenics has stayed ahead of the curve. North America’s use of LNG as an alternate fuel to diesel and other refined petroleum fuel products continues to increase as an alternative transportation fuel in heavy trucking, marine, locomotive, mining, oilfield services, and other industrial applications.  Acme Cryogenics’ PRODUCT LINE includes mobile high-pressure supply equipment, manifold systems for hydrogen fuel cell technology, and complete fueling stations.

“The long-term outlook for LNG is brighter than that of other fossil fuels because of its comparatively lower cost and lower emissions from production and combustion.”


Cryogenic solutions are used throughout the entire value chain from production to distribution of alternative fuels and serve as pivotal components of storage tanks and transportation infrastructure. Common applications include:

  • LNG Production and Transportation
  • CNG Production and Transportation
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Supply for Peak Shaving

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