Food & Beverage

Cryogenic solutions facilitate the utilization of food-grade industrial gases necessary to meet increasing consumer demand for quality, freshness, variety, and convenience. Acme Cryogenics offers specialized clean finishing capabilities with in-house de-ionized water and detergent parts cleaning system.


Niche food and beverage end-market consists of products that require special preparation and processing including carbonated beverages, frozen foods, and plant-based meat. Use of cryogenic CO2 and nitrogen in food packaging and processing has become well established over the last decade to maintain high-quality food processing environment as required by the FDA. Acme Cryogenics has expertise in CO2 and nitrogen handling that are integral to processing which in turn increases shelf life and preserves flavor in foods stored at low temperatures.

“Rise in demand for low alcohol content, low calories, and low carbohydrate beverages are likely to boost the demand for hard seltzer in developed countries such as Japan, the U.S., and Australia.”
–Allied Market Research


  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Flash Freezing for Preservation
  • Food Processing
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP)

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