Medical Manifolds

ACME Cryogenics offers fully configured systems designed, installed and certified to meet today’s medical gas requirements, including high quality medical manifolds. Our experts will work with you to configure the best system to meet your needs.

Medical Manifold Products

Acme offers: Total Components Including Bulk Oxygen Supply, Back up and Delivery Equipment; Designs for High Pressure, Liquid or Bulk Applications; Certified Installation and Maintenance Services.
Our equipment and systems are NFPA 99 2005 compliant. Acme’s certified medical gas technicians can install, repair and/or maintain your medical gas system to ensure it remains fully in compliance for years to come.
Emergency Oxygen Inlet Box
The Acme Emergency Oxygen Inlet Box is used with bulk outdoor installations to connect a temporary, auxiliary source of supply in the event of an emergency or maintenance situation.
High Pressure Charging Manifolds For Medical Cylinders
Acme Cylinder Charging Manifolds are designed to provide simple economical filling of up to 60 cylinders at one time. The vacuum and vent controls are located directly on the manifold, eliminating the need for a separate panel. The manifold is provided with a threaded end for future Expansion.
High Pressure Charging/ Fill Manifold Medical
Acme Cylinder Charging Manifolds are designed to provide simple economical filling of 24 or 48 cylinders. The vacuum and vent controls are located directly on the manifold, eliminating the need for a separate panel. The manifold is provided with a threaded end for future expansion.
High Pressure Medical System Without Reserve
High Pressure cylinders should be used in facilities that have low or intermittent requirements for medical gas. These systems are not affected by the warming of liquid cylinders and therefore do not require economizer circuits and liquid cylinder maintenance.
Hospital Pressure Control Manifold
Acme Hospital Pressure Control Manifolds are available for liquid x liquid or liquid x gas supply systems. They are available in one-half inch and one inch configurations.
Local Signal Panel
Acme also offers Local Signal Panels for use with your medical bulk oxygen supply system. 24 and 120 volt models are available to meet your system requirements. Models are available for use with liquid x liquid or liquid x gas supply configurations.
Medical Reserve Manifolds
Acme Reserve Manifolds connect reserve cylinders to deliver product as needed. They are supplied with stands and brackets for floor mounting.
Vaporized Switchover Manifold
Acme’s Vaporizer switchover manifold provides automatic switching from a vaporizer that has become inefficient (due to frost build-up) to a vaporizer that has been warmed by ambient air and is ready for peak performance.


    Acme Cryogenics has been delivering Excellent Quality, World Class workmanship & Customer Service for over 50 years. From Parts to Complete Plant Installation solutions. Acme cryogenics is there for all your industrial gas & liquid handling needs.
    Acme Cryogenics continues to expand and grow through the acquisition of companies that bring additional value and services to our customers. We have safe facilities across the USA to service not only the United States but globally as well. There are currently four manufacturing operations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Lonsdale, MN; and Oxnard, CA and seven Field Service locations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Lonsdale, MN; South Plainfield, NJ; and Port St. Lucie, FL.
    As your leader in moving molecules in the industrial gas industry for over 50 years, we can offer technical assistance for your pipe system design, as well as cryogenic valves and cryogenic fittings, regardless of your level of experience. Our sales engineers have over 40 years of combined experience. Our product management, engineering, and quality departments work closely together to provide a steady flow of new features and expanded product offerings without compromising the reliability and performance that we are known for. Our manufacturing team has decades of experience and work in our newly-expanded valve-specific manufacturing area, located in our Allentown, PA headquarters.
    Acme Cryogenics specialists are readily available to assist you- Fill out a contact form, quote form or call us directly, We welcome the opportunity to deliver for you.
    Acme Cryogenics provides engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and repair services for the Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Cryobiology, Medical Gas Pipe, Aerospace, and Industrial Gas industries.
    Acme Cryogenics provides an extensive suite of products and services for customers across the entire industrial gas supply and distribution chain.
    Acme has a full complement of highly trained Field Service Technicians who can expertly inspect, repair and maintain your cryogenic systems, medical gas systems, gas piping systems, (LNG) liquid natural gas fueling systems, industrial piping systems and more, assist your staff in peak times, or provide a cost-effective way to install and/or maintain your equipment. The Acme team can also assist in services such as site survey, equipment sizing, capital expenditure calculation, logistics services, and equipment supply.

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