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1000 Series Pneumatic Blender – Food Processing

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Product category: Gas Blenders

1000 Series Pneumatic Blender – Food Processing


Engineered for on-site blending, the Acme 1000 Series Pneumatic Three-Gas Blender is specifically designed for on-site mixing of specialized red meat packaging mixes containing a fixed ratio of0.4% CO, 30% CO2 and 69.6% N2.

The unit is supplied with three fixed orifices, which deliver the desired blend ratio. The supply gases are typically furnished in cylinders, dewars or small bulk tanks. It features a pneumatic tank filling system that maintains tank pressure between high and low limits to provide consistent, accurate and repeatable blending.

A low inlet pressure alarm system consisting of three explosion-proof pressure switches rated for Class 1, Group C, Div. 2 for each inlet gas and a common remote audio-visual alarm module for wall mounting with a plug in 110 VAC power pack is included. The module requires no field wiring.The unit is designed for indoor or outdoor applications and its compact size makes it easy to wall mount.

Flow Capacity0-500 SCFH
Inlet Pressure90-150 PSIG
Outlet Pressure0-50 PSIG
Accuracy/Repeatability± 4% / ± 2%
Connections1/2” OD tube compression fittings
Surge Vessel Size5 gallons, 304SS, ASME coded, horizontal
Materials of Constructionbrass/copper piping and valves
Weight80 lbs
Dimensions42”W x 34”H x 11”D

Optional Equipment

  • NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red) Gas
  • Analyzer for CO with High and Low Outputs for Alarm and Shutdown
  • Inlet and Outlet Filters
  • Inlet, Outlet and Vent Valves
  • Models with flow rates up to 10,000+ SCFH
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