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Blend Panels

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Product category: Gas Blenders

Blend Panels

The Blend Panels are designed to mix two or more non-reactive gas streams and achieve accuracy to within 2% of its components. This unit is best utilized for low pressure/low flow and explosion proof applications.

Design Features

  • Brass or stainless-steel construction
  • All pneumatic (non-electric) controls suitable for use in Class 1, Division II Hazardous Locations
  • Visual flowmeters for component gases
  • Weatherproof
  • Construction to mix 3 or 4 component blends
  • Automatic shutdown feature available
  • Inlet filters/regulators available
  • Dust Cover Enclosure (optional)

System Operations

Supply gas streams are monitored by built-in flowmeters, each equipped with an integral flow controller.By varying the flow rates, blends may be obtained in numerous varieties until the limits of the flowmeters are reached. The unit is equipped with direct reading scales to simplify blending.