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CF-1200 FR

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Product category: Gas Blenders

CF-1200 FR

The Acme Model CF-1200 FR food processing gas blender’s all pneumatic construction provides an accurate, consistent blend while eliminating the dangers of live electrical current. This explosion proof model utilizes a vertical tank and allows for higher volume than other comparable blenders on the market.

Flow Capacity1200-4000 SCFH
Inlet Pressure100-150 PSIG
Outlet Pressure0-50 PSIG
Accuracy± 2% (60-80º F)
ConnectionsInlet: 3/4" FNPT Connection
Outlet: 3/4" FNPT Connection
Surge Vessel Size80 Gallons, Painted Carbon Steel
Weight350 lbs
Dimensions63"H x 36"W x 24"D
Min. Ambient &
Process Operating Temp.
0º F
Max. Ambient &
Process Operating Temp.
120º F

Design Features

  • All Pneumatic Controls Suitable for Use in Class 1, Division II Hazardous Locations
  • Weatherproof (from 0-120 degrees F)
  • +/- 1/2% Blend Concentration Repeatability/ +/- 2% Accuracy
  • Automatic Shutdown (optional)
  • Continuous or Intermittent Blended Gas Delivery Flow

System Operations

The Acme Model CF-1200 FR gas blender utilizes throttling orifices and a needle valve to pneumatically control flow into the tank. As the gas in the tank is depleted, the pressure drops to a pre-determined level where constant flow blending automatically begins. When the higher pressure level is achieved, the unit automatically shuts off until the cycle is repeated.

Based on system demands, the CF-1200 FR blender can be custom sized and built to deliver a wide range of flow rates, up to 4000 SCFH. This blender is equipped with inlet filters and pressure regulators, and can also be built with an automatic shutdown feature.

Optional Equipment

  • Low Pressure Shutdown
  • Heat Exchanger for Temperature Compensation
  • Customized Blender Options
  • Completely Pneumatic Control System
  • Alternate Gas Combinations
  • Alarms
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