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Direct to Process / PB

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Direct to Process / PB

Dual unit: Direct to Process and Pressure build VAPORIZER in one


  • Minimal heat input when unit non-operational
  • Heater casting replaceable without breaking into fluid passages
  • U.L. listed components
  • No frost build-up around heater terminals
  • One installation for two vaporizers
  • Extremely low pressure drop for pressure build

Standard Features

  • Heater casting replaceable without breaking into fluid passages
  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
  • Complete separation of electrical and plumbing systems
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Silicone rubber-sealed heater terminals
  • Circuit breaker disconnect with door interlock
  • High-temperature limit protection on each heater segment
  • Capacities to 180 KW in a single cabinet
  • Pilot light indicators
  • Pressure Switch
  • Solenoid valve or pneumatic actuated ball valve


  • NEMA 3R electrical enclosure
  • Low outlet gas temperature cut-off / bypass systems with electric solenoid valves
  • Inlet strainer
  • Connection for blow down valve
  • Low pressure cut-off system with electric solenoid valves
  • Solid state relay (SSR) heater drive with digital PID controller
  • Dry contact terminals for indication and remote switching
  • Custom inlet and outlet connections or fittings
  • Temperature indicating controller
  • Alarms to indicate low pressure or temperature
  • Special temperature controls from -305°F to +600°F
  • Special non-standard voltages & frequencies up to 575V
  • UL-508 electrical cabinets, CL1, DIV 2 explosion proof purge systems
  • International compliance capability


   N2 / O2 / ArCO2 PBCO2 Process
Model No (240 / 480 volts)KilowattsPB SCFHSCFHlbs./hrlbs./hr
240/480C-15-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU153,500 1,300200170
240/480C-60-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU603,500 10,3502001,125
240/480C-75-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU753,500 138002001,500
240/480C-90-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU903,500 172502001,875
240/480C-105-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU1053,500 207002002,250
240/480C-120-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU1203,500 241502002,625
240/480C-150-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU1507,000 31,0504003,375
240/480C-165-.5-XX-LTCO/PBU1657,000 34,5004003,750