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Emergency Oxygen Inlet Box

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Product category: Medical Manifolds

Emergency Oxygen Inlet Box

The Acme Emergency Oxygen Inlet Box is used with bulk outdoor installations to connect a temporary, auxiliary source of supply in the event of an emergency or maintenance situation.

It features a 1 safety relief valve to ensure adequate pipeline protection. It also offers a flexible universal outlet configuration, which allows for reduced installation time.

The inlet is housed in a weather-tight, surface-mount enclosure box which can accommodate a padlock to allow entry only by authorized personnel.

Optional Equipment

  • NFPA 99C 2002 Compliant
  • Available Surface of Flush Mount
  • UL Listed Enclosure
  • Cleaned, capped and certified for Oxygen USP service
  • Check valves with tube ends are also available
DescriptionPart Number
Inlet Box, Surface Mount400-823001
Inlet Box, Wall Mount400-823098
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