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Field Joint Connections

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Field Joint Connections

Welded Field Joints provide a vacuum insulated connection between two factory sealed VJ pipe spool sections. To assemble the field joint, the inner lines are welded together with a butt-weld or sock weld coupling. The chemical getters are applied and the inner pipe is wrapped with super-insulation. The outer sleeve slides into place and is welded to seal off the vacuum space. Finally, the joint is evacuated to less than 15 microns. Field Joint installation should be completed by certified welders trained in cryogenic insulation and vacuum technologies.

Low Heat Leak

Field Joint connections incorporate a continuous vacuum insulation between individual spool sections insuring minimal heat leak. Each Field Joint connection includes: Outer Sleeve with evacuation port, Chemical Getter,and Super Insulation.

Field Adjustment

One of the major advantages of Field Joint connections is the ability to adjust the lengths of VJ pipe runs during installation. Our standard sleeve can accommodate up to +/-4 inches of adjustment by simply extending or trimming the inner line.

Compact Design

Field Joint Connections are designed with a stacked cone style transition providing a long heat path vacuum break within a short working space. Coupled with our low profile sleeves, field joints can fit into tight spaces and allow easy access for welders during installation.


Field Joints are constructed from 304SS stainless steel pipe and welded for maximum durability. The end result is a maintenance free connection with a design life of 20+ years.

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