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HP Electrically Heated Water Bath Series

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Product category: Water Bath Vaporizer

HP Electrically Heated Water Bath Series

These units provide high vaporization rates in a compact package. The unit has all the advantages of tradition water bath units, with no water make up required, low watt density heaters for long life, and huge surface areas to help accommodate surges in the process flow.

General Specifications

Argon / Oxygen / Nitrogen:4000 scfh to 100,000 scfh
CO2:375 lbs per hr to 10,000 lbs per hour
Operating Pressure:up to 15,000 psig
Kilowatt Ratings:15 to 400 kilowatts
Duty Cycle:Continuous
Heat Transfer Fluid:water or water / glycol mix


  • Easy heater change out
  • Heater is completely submerged in heat transfer fluid reducing the possibility of heater burn out
  • No water make up required
  • ASME Code vessel
  • Fill level is controlled so that the unit cannot be overfilled
  • Vessel relief valve sized to keep up with a broken tube failure
  • All stainless steel gas fluid passages
  • Tube bundle is removable for service if required
  • Long service life
  • Excellent for pumped applications
  • Small foot print compared to other designs
  • Low watt density heating element assembly
  • Vessel and stand are powder coated
  • Stainless steel vessel is available

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