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Industrial Discharge Manifold

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Industrial Discharge Manifold

Simples Controls

The Simplex Control section employees a single regulator and is practical when downtime (due to cylinder replacement or maintenance) can be tolerated. The Simplex Control sections come in two designs: Simplex Left and Simplex Center. Included with these manifolds are regulators, control sections, header sections with shutoff valves, stands (floor-mount only) and waterseal flash arrestor, where required.

Duomatic Control

Duomatic Control sections employ dual regulators and header section shutoff valves for uninterrupted gas service from two banks of cylinders, which can be used alternately. Duomatic Control sections are available for common gases in two models: Semi-Automatic Duomatic and Automatic Duomatic.

The Semi-Automatic Duomatic Control section (right) provides uninterrupted service during cylinder changeout. It allows users to uninterrupted service during cylinder changeout. It allows users to replace a cylinder on one side while the opposite side acts as the service bank. Also, one regulator can be removed for maintenance without interrupting gas flow.

Automatic Duomatic

The Automatic Duomatic Control section (above) has all the advantages of the Semi-Automatic Duomatic, plus its automatic switchover feature eliminates the need for reversing the regulator settings when one cylinder bank is empty. Gas flow is redirected to the service and reserve side regulators by opening and closing master shut-off valves. Easy-to-follow directions are provided with both wall and floor mount versions.

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