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Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm

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Product category: Electrical Equipment

Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm

Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm

The Acme Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm is designed to minimize the risk of product run-out by monitoring cylinder gas levels and alerting users when high pressure gas cylinder changeout must occur.

Note: Low pressure alarm contains: alarm box, pressure switch, piping and CGA connection. (Regulator available separately. Contact factory.)

Maximum Inlet
3000 PSIG
Maximum Outlet
3000 PSIG
Pressure Switch30-600 PSIG
Materials of
Alarm Box: ABS Plastic Housing
Connections: Brass
DimensionsAlarm Box: 3"W x 4"H (approx)

Design Features

  • Alarm Panels with field-adjustable pressure switches
  • Gas Specific CGA connection
  • 9-volt Battery Operation
  • Battery Test Button
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume

System Operations

The low cylinder pressure alarm operates on a 9-volt battery and contains a battery test button. Once a cylinder reaches a pre-set low-pressure level, an audible alarm will sound. An on/off switch is used to silence the alarm once it is acknowledged. Once cylinder changeout occurs, the system will re-set after the switch is placed in the on position. The low cylinder gas alarm is not recommended for use with unattended cylinders.

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