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Pressure Control Stations

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Product category: Industrial Manifolds

Pressure Control Stations

Pressure Control Stations are designed to provide accurate, reliable control of high pressure gases while reducing product pressure from a tube trailer or other high pressure source to its process. Dual inlet and pressure controls ensure uninterrupted gas flow.

Inlet Pressure0-3,000 PSIG
Outlet PressureSee data sheet
Materials of Construction
- CabinetPainted Steel
- ComponentsBrass and Bronze
- Tube/PipeCopper/Red Brass
- Inlet1-11 1/2" (standard)
- OutletType K Copper Tube
DimensionsCabinets: 30 1/2"H x 30 1/2"W x 10 1/4" D


  • Pressure switches
  • Standard Configurations for Most Applications
  • Custom Designs Available
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