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Product category: Vacuum Jacketed Piping

Quick Fab

When time is critical, Acme offers pre-engineered VJP with mechanical foam joints with a quick lead time. Modular sections are offered in various length straights, with VJ elbow and Tee sections, that can be assembled for a fast, low cost, low heat leak VJP solution.


  • Cryogenic Liquid Transfer (LN2, LAR, LNG, and LCO2)
  • Designed per ASME B31.3
  • MAWP = 150 PSIG (Internal Bellows) or MAWP = 400 PSIG (External Bellows)
  • A312-304SS Pipe (inner line and outer jacket)
  • MLI “Super Insulation”
  • Static Vacuum with Complete Getter System


  • Thermal Performance (1” thick vacuum insulation is 40 times more efficient than 6” thick foam insulation)
  • Low pressure (internal bellows) design keeps pipe from shifting in racks and eliminates the need for VJ Flex
  • Stainless steel pipe sleeve offers an exact fit for easy seal to eliminate moisture intrusion
  • Modular sections can be reconfigured or reused
  • Structured material pricing eliminates risk of cost overruns
  • Vacuum design life of over 10 years
  • Custom lengths, VJ flex sections and valves also available
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