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Remote Alarm Box

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Product category: Electrical Equipment

Remote Alarm Box

The Acme Model S300 Remote Alarm Box is a single channel unit designed for use with any Acme automatic changeover manifold. The alarm activates upon the closure of a contact, providing an audio and visual alert that changeout must occur. The Model S300 is recommended for general use only.

Design Features

  • Green light – Shows unit is powered and active
  • Red light – visually indicates alarm condition, until changeout occurs
  • Alarm Buzzer – Eliminates need for constant monitoring -audibly indicates exhausted bank
  • 110 Vac Plug-in Power w/Six Foot Cord & Jack – Ensures easy, convenient connections
  • ABS Plastic Housing – Easy-to-maintain material, saves space via wall mounting
  • Up to 100 Feet of Cable – Adds flexibility to system configuration
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