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Sliq Liquid Cylinder Changeover Manifold

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Product category: Specialty Gas Manifolds

Sliq Liquid Cylinder Changeover Manifold

Acme Model SLIQ Automatic Liquid Cylinder Gas Changeover Manifolds provide continuous gas delivery from two banks of cryogenic liquid gas cylinders without interruption. SLIQ manifolds are ideal for low pressure applications where interruptions in gas service cannot be tolerated.

Maximum Inlet
350 PSIG
Maximum Outlet
100 PSIG
Flow Capacity1 Dewar: 0-325 SCFH
2 Dewar: 0-400 SCFH
3 Dewar: 0-600 SCFH
Required Power110 VAC
Inlet: CGA
Outlet: 1/2" MNPT
Materials of
Components: Brass and Stainless Steel
Housing: Fiberglass
Dimensions15"H x 13"W x 8"D

System Design

The manifold contains a changeover regulator, which is supplied by the reserve cylinder bank, while the primary bank feeds directly to the final line regulator. The system is designed so that the reserve bank takes over flow once the primary bank s pressure falls below the changeover regulator s setting.

The direction of the control lever, along with green and red LED lights, indicate which bank is in use.

System Operations

Once cylinders have been installed, the changeover manifold will first accept flow from the predetermined primary bank.

When the primary bank reaches a preset low pressure, the reserve bank automatically takes over. Before replacing the empty cylinder bank, the user simply turns the control lever to reset the system and switch priority.

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