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Cryogenic Valves

Many valves are designed to handle low temperature liquids. Only specially designed cryogenic valves like our Acme and CVI Cryogenic valve lines can minimize product loss due to conductive heat transfer by using the superior insulating properties of vacuum jacket technology.

All our cryogenic valves are designed for the lowest heat leak and quickest cooldown times. The top entry design allows maintenance without disturbing the vacuum space. They are ASME B16.34 and CSA B51 compliant and offer Canadian Registration Numbers throughout Canada.

We thoroughly test each valve to ensure that they will provide many years of reliable service. Each valve is pressure tested, helium leak checked to 1 x 10-9, and checked for class VI (bubble tight) shut off, made possible by our PCTFE seal disk.

Acme Cryogenics has produced over 800 distinct valves as we seek to provide the best solutions to our customer’s valve requirements. Our product knowledge and unparalleled support make our cryogenic valves stand alone. Product management, our engineering, and quality departments work closely together to provide a steady flow of new features and expanded product offerings without compromising the reliability and performance that we are known for. Our manufacturing team has decades of experience and work in our newly-expanded valve-specific manufacturing area, located in our Allentown, PA headquarters.

Selecting the correct cryogenic valve for a specific requirement can be difficult, especially when we have so many good options are available. Take advantage of our expertise by calling us at 800-422-2790.