Cylinder pigtails are used to connect a manifold to compressed gas cylinders. They are equipped with a CGA inlet fitting that matches the cylinder valve CGA outlet connection (to minimize the possibility of hazardous misconnections). Most pigtails are provided with an attached wrench. All pigtails are pressure tested in excess of their required working pressure (all pigtails have a working pressure equal to the required CGA connection).

Rigid Pigtails

Rigid pigtails are the most common and least expensive pigtails, made from annealed copper, stainless steel, or brass heavy wall tubing. These pigtails are ideal for all gas services.

Flexible Pigtails

Flexible pigtails are recommended for frequent cylinder replacement situations where rigid pigtails can work harden and leak due to excessive bending. Flexible synflex pigtails have a nylon inner core with a polyester braid and polyester or polyurethane cover (recommended for general service). Flexible teflon pigtails have a virgin teflon inner core with a stainless steel outer braid. Flexible stainless steel pigtails have a corrugated inner stainless steel core with a stainless steel outer braid (recommended for high-usage or corrosive gas service)

Ordering Information

*Pigtails with handtights (instead of wrench handles) are noted in the description.

**Registered Trademark of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

***Registered Trademark of BOC Gases

Note: Pigtails for acetylene manifolds must have a check valve and dry flash arrestor and cannot be of copper construction. Use only those pigtails listed for acetylene service.

Pigtails used for fuel gas service other than acetylene must have a check valve at the manifold end.


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