Remote Alarm Box

The Acme Model S300 Remote Alarm Box is a single channel unit designed for use with any Acme automatic changeover manifold. The alarm activates upon the closure of contact, providing an audio and visual alert that changeout must occur. The Model S300 is recommended for general use only.

Design Features

  • Greenlight – This Shows unit is powered and active
  • Red light – visually indicates an alarm condition, until changeout occurs
  • Alarm Buzzer – Eliminates the need for constant monitoring -audibly indicates exhausted bank
  • 110 Vac Plug-in Power w/Six Foot Cord & Jack – Ensures easy, convenient connections
  • ABS Plastic Housing – Easy-to-maintain material, saves space via wall mounting
  • Up to 100 Feet of Cable – Adds flexibility to system configuration


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