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Gas Blenders

Gas blenders, or gas mixers, allow users to generate a controlled mixture of gases from separate pure gas sources, creating blends in a variety of accuracies and capacities. Blenders are used in ratios with a wide variety of applications including supplying gas for welding processes, food packaging, Laser installations, and heat treating furnaces; generally any process that requires the controlled application of a mixture of gases.

Acme standard gas blender models vary in capacity from 350 SCFH to over 15,000 SCFH. Special features vary by model and include completely pneumatic (non-electric) systems; models with or without analyzers; National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant systems; and PLC-based active feedback control systems.

Our gas blenders are best suited for applications with varying flow demands, or ones that require higher accuracy of models, options and custom features we offer. Users can receive the best product to meet their requirements accordingly.

Custom Engineered to Meet Specific Requirements

  • Two or more gas blending
  • Fixed or variable ratios
  • Special materials
  • Explosion Proof / Intrinsically Safe
  • Pneumatic blender controls require no external power and operate off gas pressure (particularly suited to hazardous duty areas
  • Lockable enclosure
  • Designed for NFPA / ANSI / ASME Code Compliance

Gas Blender Benefits

Gas blenders offer a cost saving and convenient way to optimize any process through the use of two (or more) part gas mixture. Onsite mixing reduces the frequency of cylinder changeouts and allows users to adjust blend concentrations to meet changing needs.

Acme’s line of high quality blending equipment can provide you the accurate, low-cost blends you require.

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